To My Valued Clients and Friends,


This letter is to inform you that I am retiring from the practice at Dundas Dental Hygiene. As of May 2018 the office will be closed.


I have enjoyed my relationships with all my clients and have appreciated the opportunity to help care for your dental health. I am grateful to have met so many wonderful people over the years, you have been like family to me. I am available if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk. Please feel free to reach me at, ddhsmile@hotmail.ca .


I am sure you will miss Nancy with her warm greeting and her many conversations over the phone and in the waiting room. Nancy is retiring for the second time but I am sure there will be a third! Many people have commented that Nancy’s help with the business was a labor of love, and I can say it definitely was. I am truly lucky to have had such a caring, smart sister to help all these years.


To maintain your continued care, I have found you a dental team that offers a friendly, warm, relaxing atmosphere just like I offered you here at Dundas Dental hygiene. Dr. Patrick McDonough’s office is located right here in downtown Dundas. The office has a friendly inviting team consisting of Kate and Mary as receptionists, Teresa and Juliette as dental assistants, Michelle and Jessica as dental hygienists and of course Dr. McDonough and his associate and previous owner, Dr Ian Brockhouse. The dental team offers early morning and evening appointments, including weekend emergency care.


Dr. Patrick McDonough is a caring, approachable dentist that will present and discuss your treatment options clearly, so that you can be a part of your dental health decisions. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Western University in 2012 and works alongside his brother Dr. Conor McDonough and his father Dr. Sean McDonough, at their office in Hamilton.


If you have your own Dentist you can continue there with dental hygiene services, if not, I highly recommend seeking treatment with Dr. McDonough’s office. If you choose to join Dr. McDonough’s practice the first appointment will consist of a thorough dental examination which would include any necessary dental radiographs as prescribed at time of appointment. The address and contact information is: 121 Hatt Street Dundas, phone number is 905 627 3597


In closing, I want to emphasize what a privilege it has been to meet all of you. The loyalty and trust you showed to me was so greatly appreciated.


This has been an amazing journey,




Lesley Knapp RDH