What is teeth whitening?

The teeth whitening procedure uses oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to lighten the shade of the teeth. The oxidizing agent penetrates the enamel and removes stain deposits. Over a period of time the dentin lying underneath the enamel is also whitened. The effects of whitening can last for up to 2 years depending on other staining considerations such as smoking and diet (coffee and tea etc). Touch up applications can help with the longevity of the whitening results.

Have you ever felt your smile isn’t white enough? Perhaps you have a special event or family photo coming up? At Dundas Dental Hygiene there are several options available to make your smile bright.

In office LED whitening

This treatment provides outstanding results through the application of a mix of Hydrogen and Carbamide Peroxide. A LED light will accelerate the whitening process to achieve results in just thirty minutes or less.

Home Whitening Kits

A dental hygiene treatment plan is set up for each individual and then this is a whitening treatment that can be carried out yourself at home. Professional supervision is given throughout the treatment. A Professional Home Whitening Package includes custom made bleaching trays and whitening gel. This system also includes fluoride and desensitizing application.

Take home whitening pen with activation light

An inexpensive option the take home whitening pen kit can be used as a full treatment or as a touch up.

Did you know?

If you smoke you are four times as likely to have periodontal disease as someone who has never smoked. Tomar, Sl. And Sma, S. Smoking-attributable Periodontitis in the US: findings from NHANES III. J. Periodeontol, 2000; 71:743-751.