Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Examination & Cleaning

A dental hygiene assessment, diagnosis and plan will be completed at each of your appointments. Treatment will then be implemented and followed with evaluation of your periodontal health. Cleaning procedures involve the removal of plaque AND CALCULUS from the entire tooth surface and root area. This is done to restore the health of gums and teeth and help to prevent periodontal disease. Stain removal is done using a polishing paste containing a fine pumice. Screening for oral cancer is part of your regular appointment.

Children are welcome at any age to visit Dundas Dental Hygiene. Usually children start with a ride in the dental chair and we introduce them to all of the surroundings. When the child feels comfortable we will introduce the equipment such as “mister tickle and mister thirsty”. Parents can sit in the treatment room or relax in the waiting room located close by.

Fluoride Treatment

Dundas Dental Hygiene uses a fluoride varnish treatment: Varnishes are used for protection of the enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. The varnish will adhere to the teeth for up to 4 hours producing significant increase in uptake of the fluoride ions.


Sealants are applied to deep grooves and crevices of cavity free pre-molars and molars, this procedure is quick and easy and is a preventative measure that can be easily applied by your dental hygienist. No freezing is required.


Desensitizing agents are applied to areas of the teeth that are sensitive at your dental hygiene cleaning appointment. We also have many different products avaliable for clients to use at home.

Did you know?

Findings suggest that severe periodontitis may be an important risk factor in the progression of diabetes. American Academy of Periodontology, Position Paper, J. Periodontol, July 1998 69:844.